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Minarchism Always Becomes Maxarchism
by Bevin Chu
Taipei, China
January 24, 2013

“The end state of every government is tyranny!”
— John Stovall

Or as An Enemy of the State has noted on numerous occasions:

“Minarchism always becomes maxarchism.”
— Quotations from Chairman Chu

“Limited government always becomes unlimited government.”
— Quotations from Chairman Chu

“The difference between limited government and totalitarianism, is the difference between the caterpillar and the moth.”
— Quotations from Chairman Chu

“Limited government is merely totalitarianism in its embryonic stage.”
— Quotations from Chairman Chu

“Limited government is merely the larval stage of totalitarianism.”
— Quotations from Chairman Chu

Corollaries by fellow anarcho-capitalists at Eric Peters Autos:

“The freest minarchies become the most vicious tyrannies.”
— methlyamine

“Limited government is like limited cancer.”
— MoT

“Democracy is the apotheosis of institutionalized slavery.”
— d.c. sunsets